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About Damray

Damray is the academic publishing division of the Open Access Journal Research Center. The institution's headquarter is in the UK and its research covers a wide range of fields, including natural science and humanities publishing, and also big data research. Its open access journal integration platform will focus on hosting and displaying open access journals, strengthening the academic communication function of scientific journals, promoting the transformation of scientific research results [...] Read more.

Our team members and consultants are talent from well-known universities like Cambridge University, University College London, Bath University, University of California, Peking University, Central South University, etc. Headquartered in London, Damray is a global business, with branches in China and the US. We are equipped with the best minds in science and technology, aiming to establish leading-edge platforms and promote the most advanced knowledge sharing platforms worldwide.

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  • Open Access, Article

    Molecular Biology of Limited Shoulder Motion in Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

    Hong Zhong, Jun Wang


    Frozen shoulder syndrome, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a debilitating condition characterized by pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint, leading to limited range of motion. Despite its high prevalence and impact on individuals, the molecular biology underlying limited shoulder motion in frozen shoulder syndrome remains poorly understood. This paper aims to provide an overview of the current knowledge regarding the molecular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of frozen shoulder..[...] Read more.

    OAJRC Cellular and Molecular Biology 2023;5(1):6-11;

    Published on 10 November 2023

  • Open Access, Article

    Practice and Exploration of the Teaching Integration Mode of Cell and Molecular Biology Experiments

    Wenhui He


    The Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory Course is not only the foundation of life sciences but also the basis for studying other courses in life sciences. As an important teaching method, experimental classes have always been a topic of concern for us in terms of reform and exploration. In response to the issues present in traditional experimental teaching, we have carried out a series of reforms in the content, assessment system, and methods of experimental teaching, and have achieved prel..[...] Read more.

    OAJRC Cellular and Molecular Biology 2023;5(1):1-5;

    Published on 10 November 2023

  • Open Access, Article

    Application of Environmental Optics in College Physics Experiment Teaching

    Yu Chen


    Environmental optics is an emerging branch of optics that focuses on the study of light interactions with natural and artificial materials in the environment, and its applications in environmental monitoring, protection, and remediation. As a result of the continuous increase in environmental problems, the importance of environmental optics has become increasingly apparent. This paper will explore the application of environmental optics in physics experiment teaching in order to improve stude..[...] Read more.

    OAJRC Applied Physics 2023;5(1):13-18;

    Published on 7 November 2023

  • Open Access, Article

    Application of Electromagnetic Field Forward and Inversion in Geophysics

    Jia Liu


    In this paper, we delve into the topic of forward and inversion of electromagnetic fields in geophysics. Geophysics is a vast and diverse field that explores a range of geological processes, and the electromagnetic field is one of the most significant research tools in this domain. Forward and inversion are two crucial methods commonly employed in geophysics, playing a pivotal role in the processing and analysis of geophysical data. These methods hold significant importance in the context of ..[...] Read more.

    OAJRC Applied Physics 2023;5(1):7-12;

    Published on 7 November 2023

  • Open Access, Article

    Progress of Research on Physical-optical Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols

    Yong Lu


    This article introduces the progress in research on the physical and optical properties of atmospheric aerosols. Through research on the composition, properties and impact of aerosols on climate, environment, and human health, it has been concluded that aerosols have an important impact on climate change and air quality. In addition, this article also introduces the development and application of aerosol measurement technologies and methods, including remote sensing measurements, light scatte..[...] Read more.

    OAJRC Applied Physics 2023;5(1):1-6;

    Published on 7 November 2023

  • Open Access, Article

    Effect and Mechanism Study of Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang in Treating Cancer-related Fatigue in Patients with Digestive System Tumors of Qi and Blood Deficiency Type

    Liyan Zhang, Jinhui Zhang, Hongxiang Liu, Yongchen Zhao, Huanhuan Miao


    Objective: To investigate the mechanism of action and clinical efficacy of Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang in the treatment of cancer-related fatigue in patients with digestive tract tumors of Qi and Blood deficiency type. Methods: Ninety patients with cancer-related fatigue due to Qi and Blood deficiency type digestive tract tumors, admitted to our hospital from June 2022 to June 2023, were selected as the study subjects. They were randomly divided into the control group (n=45) and the exp..[...] Read more.

    International Journal of Medicine Frontiers 2023;6(2):48-51;

    Published on 11 October 2023

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