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Research on Logistics Efficiency Evaluation of Dalian Port Based on Three-stage DEA

Yu Wang

Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, Shandong, China.

*Corresponding author: Yu Wang

Published: 19 April 2023 How to cite this paper


Northeast China is an important industrial and agricultural base in China. In the 14th Five-Year Plan of China, General Secretary Xi pointed out that it is necessary to promote the comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China. Dalian Port, as the largest port in Northeast China, undertakes the important task of regional revitalization. Based on this background, relevant data are selected, and the logistics efficiency of Dalian Port from 2011 to 2020 is analyzed by using three-stage DEA method. The results show that the final comprehensive efficiency of Dalian Port in 10 years, the average values of pure technical efficiency and scale efficiency are 0.978, 0.997 and 0.981 respectively, which are 0.048, 0.031 and 0.022 higher than those of the first three efficiency values excluding environmental factors and statistical disturbance factors, indicating that Dalian Port logistics efficiency is indeed affected by environmental factors and statistical disturbance factors, and scale efficiency has obvious constraints on Dalian Port logistics efficiency. Based on this, Finally, the paper puts forward some suggestions on port technology innovation and scale adjustment.

KEYWORDS: Three-stage DEA, logistics efficiency, Dalian Port, Northeast China


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How to cite this paper

Yu Wang. Research on Logistics Efficiency Evaluation of Dalian Port Based on Three-stage DEA. OA Journal of Economy and Management, 2023, 2(1), 50-56.

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