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Security Mechanism Analysis of Blockchain Smart Contract in Cross-Border Trade Field

Ruirui Yuan

Daye Yufeng Mining Co., Ltd. Hubei, China.

*Corresponding author: Ruirui Yuan

Published: 10 August 2022 How to cite this paper


The current smart contract is a transaction program that can automatically execute prefabricated rules and treaties. In recent years, with the innovation and development of block chain technology, it has not only attracted much attention but also been widely used in various industries. Because smart contracts are independently self-validated and automatically executed in a network environment, there are many security problems. This article analyzes the potential security risks of smart contracts in block chain, and proposes a comprehensive and effective security mechanism based on actual business development scenarios, hoping to provide some help for the secure application of smart contracts in block chain in cross-border trade.

KEYWORDS: Cross-border, Trade, Block chain, Smart contracts, Security mechanism


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How to cite this paper

Ruirui Yuan. Security Mechanism Analysis of Blockchain Smart Contract in Cross-Border Trade Field. OA Journal of Economy and Management, 2022, 1(1), 5-9.

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